sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

By the way mudder:

Ipiales is like Pasto with more tourism, more sun, the same accent, less farm everywhere and oh ya this:

miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

>Most tourist things I have done/do

            -sleep in my sleeping bag on bus rides
            -walk barefoot in Santa Marta/the finca
            -like guaro
            -am a woman travelling alone

            -had a silly woman cut off all my hair

For the Rest of my Travels:

What made me a tourist in Cacqueza:

-small town and everyone recognizes everyone….except me

-a few ppl guessed I was from a nearby town 

Lessons learned on the fincas:

-“collecting firewood” sometimes means hiking into the woods with a machete and cutting down  dry trees
-different ovens work differently, but they sll mske delicious bread
-I can learn to like everything
-ants are devil animals and their bites hurt
-cats/dogs don’t need special food leftovers is fine
-(semi-learned) how to kill, skin, and prepare a chicken
- I want to wake-up to mountains everyday
-I can live far far far far far away from a city
- I never ever ever again want to work with birds/eggs
- I like folkloric music of the Andes
-The sound of the quena is extremely powerful
-(re-learned) sometimes I am shy
-if you don’t finish all of the food you are served, it is assumed that you didn’t like their cooking
-mountain ppl spot, whistle, and see ppl from across the mountains  and then proceed to yell (AND UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER!!)
-I like running through, up, and down mountains
-running up mountains barefoot is easier than running down barefoot

-my feetsies are delicate and don’t like shoes


            -not enough jewelery
            -no sandals
            -clothes not tight enough
            -too pale
            -hair too short


Update: What I did on farms to exiting

Since last I wrote an update, things have happened including: Volunteered on the first farm for almost a week. Went to a Colombian farmers and tried sort of to help and I was kind of able to. Hiked into the mountains for 40ish mins and after 5 days up there, I left the finca for the first time to play tejo (Colombia’s national sport). ….SURPRISE I am bad. However, sire Egui ( yes his name. no not a nickname) and little mister Christian are quite beast. I want to be better.  I will get better. I met a 2 year old red roan. Became part of a family for about 20 days they are a people I will carry in my heart forever and a group I believe I will keep in contact with the rest of my life. The ideas and power within each of the family members and the friends they kept was beyond impressive.  I then dipped into Bogota SAW MY COUSINS!! And ohhh yea no biggy or anything, but will be getting my Colombian identification card in the next few months!!!! Bad decision about the morning bus ride. I plan to never ever ever do that again. A should be 8 hour bus ride took 17 hours. Boo hisss. AND I was awake for it. Scared the pants off my grandmother in Cali and then celebrated my arrival and my departure (23 hours later). Not enough time with grandmother, not enough time in Cali. Night bus ride to Ipiales, possibly the best bus ride of the entire trip. Wpke up meandered around Ipiales. I did it backwards again. I walked from tourist side to the middle of nowhere. And I should have walked from the nowhere side across the church to the tourist side and gotten food. Instead, I ended up with no food because I kept saying “oh I’ll eat later they are selling everything everywhere”.  Here are some pics with comments:
The first finca and another finca and the town of caqueza
The town of Caqueza. a view from a hike I took my last morning at this finca

 Sala de finca numero2
Front yard of finca numero 2

 side yard. we filled all of those bags in a few hours
 my fav view a few feet up from the house
 looking for waterfalls in Guayabetal
looking at a river....like only cool cats do
 pretty colors for rocks ehy?
 yes colombia does everything correct
i like the purple in the green
 from here we came
 oh nothing but a view on our trip to nowhere
why oh why is there a carretera in this pic?

Those round things are bird nests. The tree was full of them

Playing music at gma's party

Too much light, but I really like this

guitar, drum, quena

Part of my Caquezanean family being musical

flat looks a soccer field...or at least that was the comment made
so we were weeding coffee and I turned around...

mature coffee plant
view from daddy's 


 i thought she was cute

 side of the mountain around Las Lajas
 finca #2 daddy's mature coffee plants
 Son's baby coffee in 2 years they should be producing
 view from working
 another view from working
and again